Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga has etymological relation with two Sanskrit words, i.e. “Vi” and “Nyasa”. Here, “Vi” means “in a special way” and “Nyasa” means “to place”. Hence Vinyasa brings the meaning, “to place in a special way”. To place in a way doesn’t mean to put your body around or throw it out somewhere else but it means to bring consciousness of each movement in a certain moment. Vinyasa Yoga or Flow Yoga Ashtanga is a certain type of yoga, like hatha yoga. You can also consider it as the branch of Ashtanga yoga. Vinyasa is about synchronizing all your bodily movements with your breath. It consists of a steady flow of yoga postures as you move from one pose to another. During the practice of Vinyasa Yoga, the breath and the movement go alongside. Both start simultaneously, neither the breath starts first nor the movement. Breaths don’t need to hold in the Vinyasa style of yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga

It aims to calm your mind and focus your attention while strengthening and toning your body. This is a set of special yoga poses which are performed in flow with breath control and give you strength, flexibility and concentration.

Vinyasa Yoga differs from Hatha Yoga in its time to holding yoga asana for a long time. It is undoubtedly a dynamic form of yoga which links every asana with another in a series. It is the best and most interesting option to replace the Cardio workouts. This is also one of the reasons that yoga aspirants are choosing Vinyasa yoga training even now.

The unique thing about the Vinyasa style is that no asana is repeated in this. Also, two classes are never conducted in the same sequence. Every day there is a new series of Vinyasa Yoga.

Why Choose Vinyasa Yoga?

Whether you are a beginner-level yoga lover or an advanced practitioner, everyone can opt for this style. This style comes from varied benefits and is the best way to deepen your pre-existing knowledge or to build a high knowledge in this. The physical, mental, and spiritual awareness gets awakened with Vinyasa practice. Maintaining the right breath pattern for a particular asana provides an individual with lots of benefits of Vinyasa yoga. The body and mind as well also get benefitted from this style of yoga.

Characteristics – Vinyasa Yoga

  • One asana gets connected with another using breathing practice.
  • It is also knowns as Flow Yoga as it is something flowing into postures.
  • In Vinyasa Yoga, one asana gets linked to others with Transitions.
  • The heartbeat and inhalation/exhalation of the breath represent Vinyasa.
  • The movement of Vinyasa initiates with Breath.
  • Ujjayi Breath is used for breathing in Vinyasa Yoga.

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Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga plays an important role in removing physical and mental problems. It helps us to make our bodies physically and mentally fit. You can control serious problems with the help of yoga. That’s why most health experts recommend doing yoga regularly. There are many types of yoga, which help you in reducing different problems. One of these is Vinyasa Yoga. Let us know about the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga in detail about this yoga asana.

  • Reduces Stress

With Vinyasa Yoga, you can keep the increasing worries and stress under control. Research has confirmed that Vinyasa yoga works to increase the variability in heartbeats. Along with this, this yoga can prove to be effective in reducing problems like stress and anxiety.

  • Heals Back Pain

Vinyasa yoga can prove beneficial in reducing back pain. According to research in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, stretching the hamstring muscles provides relief from back pain. Vinyasa yoga is a stretching of the muscles. Apart from this, according to the research published on the website of NCBI, doing Vinyasa yoga regularly stretches the hamstring muscles, which is helpful in making the body flexible.

  • Increases Stamina

Vinyasa yoga is helpful in increasing stamina. By doing Vinyasa yoga regularly, all the problems of your body are removed.

  • Strengthens Muscles

Vinyasa yoga plays an important role in strengthening the muscles. By practicing Vinyasa Yoga regularly, you can increase the power of your muscles. Along with this, this yoga is also believed to be helpful in improving your work efficiency.

  • Boosts Mental Power

Practicing Vinyasa Yoga regularly is the best to give your mind a positive dose. It helps in alleviating emotions of the mind and inducing positive thoughts inside you.

  • The Best Cardio Workout

Vinyasa Yoga can be done in place of a cardio workout. As the sessions are fast-paced and let you enjoy life to the fullest.

It further gives you a feeling of calmness and happiness at the same time. If you are suffering from an irregular heartbeat, then it can be improved with the practice of Vinyasa Yoga.

  • Relieves Joint Pain

Presently, not only aged people but also youngsters are suffering from joint problems. With the Vinyasa style of yoga, you can cure your joint pains and increase the mobility of joints

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